China’s economy


These days, China’s economic growth rate is one of the highest countries in the world. In addition, china is the most populous country in the world. I think that china has a lot of potential for development. In fact, the Chinese economy already has developed with high growth rate. Even now, we can never live without trade with china. According to youmiuri newspaper of Japan, last year, china’s total volume of trade is the highest in the world. In addition, economist said that the Chinese economy is growing very fast, and it may surpass the USA after 15 years. I also think so. If you go to shanghai, you can’t deny development.

I don’t deny that the Chinese economy will become the biggest country in the world after 15years. In addition, I can guess that the china’s currency also will become stronger in the future it will be used key currency in Southeast Asia. It means that china will make one big market being made one big market in Southeast Asia. It will be a golden opportunity to china because Southeast Asia countries easily become subordinated to the Chinese economy. Thus, a lot of people said it is a crisis to us. However, I think a crisis can be an opportunity because if Southeast Asia countries are developed by Chinese investment, we can also sell a lot of object than before. Anyway, I think that we have to be alert to china and also have to be cooperation with china for our economic development.

Surfing in Sanfernando


I went to Sanfernando for surf with academy students. We departed at 9:30 from academy to terminal. When we arrived there, we had to wait for a long time to buy bus tickets because there were a lot of people in terminal who waited to buy tickets. At that time, A person asked us “will you go to Sanfernando?, I will be able to bring you to there for each person 100peso” He was a driver of personal van. We accepted his suggestion because It was very good condition to us. If we went there by bus, we had to waste a lot of time to buy bus tickets and had to pay 180peso each person for a bus fare. Thus, we decided to go there by van.



After 2hours, we arrived in Sanfernando. The first thing we did to have lunch. After lunch, we started surfing in the sea. We were able to learn surfing by 350peso for an hour. Surfing was difficult to me because I wasn’t able to keep my balance on my surfboard. Anyway, I enjoyed surfing for the first time in my life, so I was interested. After finishing surfing, we went to Puerto de san juan resort hotel. There was beautiful pool. We were able to swim in the pool. However, we weren’t able to see the sunset, which we looked forward to.



Hundred Islands National Park

I went to travel with my batch mates. We went to hundred Islands which is 4 hours from Baguio. We started from academy to the hundred Islands at 4 AM. On the way to the islands, I felt carsick because the car zigzagged down the road. We arrived at the house we rented at about 8:30AM. The house which is our lodgment was very beautiful and clean. We were able to rent the house for 5 thousand peso. After having breakfast, we went to the sea. When we went to the sea, the weather was good. After we rented boat for 2 thousand peso, we went to the middle of sea. When we went to middle of the sea, we enjoyed snorkeling. Though I couldn’t swim, I was able to enter the sea because I wore life jacket. I saw many tropical fish when I went into the sea. It was my first time to see tropical fish in the sea. I thought that the fish was pretty and cute. Anyway, the time when I played in the sea was very interesting to me.




After coming back to the house, we started evening preparation. I prepared charcoal to barbecue for the evening preparation. We barbecued pork and shrimps on the charcoal. Those were very delicious. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in Hundred Islands.



An around-the-world trip


Next month, the people who were prepared for a trip with me and my wife are planning to go to an around-the-world trip. They will do an around the world trip for 1 year. In fact, world trip was my dream and my plan. However, I postponed my dream to travel because I want to immigrate to Canada. The reason I decide to immigrate is so as to defend myself from global economic crisis. Now, we are faced with crisis of market economy.

Current market economy is making a lot of problem. Firstly, Current market economy made gap between the rich and the poor. Thus, rich people are getting richer and poor people are getting poorer. Secondly, market economy made advanced technology, outsourcing, information-oriented society and management innovation. It made an abundant life to us but it made also the end of labor. So a lot of people lost job. Thirdly, the current economy crisis will make high inflation because advanced countries such as USA, Japan and ETC put money into circulation. It is a very serious problem to developing countries because this money will make bubble economy in developing countries. In addition, if advanced countries raise the interest rate in the future, developing countries will have an economic collapse from liquidity deficit and the collapse of the bubble economy.

For this reason, I decide to immigrate to Canada because Canada has a shortage of manpower. In addition, welfare policy of Canada is one of the best in the world so I try to live in Canada. Moreover, after achieving immigration to Canada, I will try to go to an around the world trip. I love trip and adventure. Everyday I dream of going to an around world. I already made plan about traveling around world. If I go to trip of an around-the-world, I will go to Machu Picchu(Peru), Sala de Uyuni (Bolivia), Iguazu Falls(Brazil), Serengeti National Park(Tanzania), Rome(Italy), Paris(France), ETC.

Anyway, now I can’t go to trip with them. It is too sad. However I never gave up my dream because I believe this saying. If you wish for something desperately, you would be able to achieve everything. I like this sentence.


Last Monday, I felt an earthquake during the class in class room. It was short and small earthquake. However, I was surprised because I never thought that earthquake happen here. Of course, I’ve heard that Baguio had an earthquake experience. Especially, it was a big earthquake that happened in Baguio in 1990. Nevertheless, I thought that it’s not going to happen in Baguio while I stay here. Thus, I was very surprised of earthquake.

In fact, I’m not scared of earthquake because I’ve had a lot of earthquake experience in Japan. So I am adapted to earthquake. However, I’m afraid that this academy building because a lot of buildings which are in Baguio don’t have earthquake-resistant. Therefore, I’m afraid that this building. Anyway, I hope to stay here safely.

My wife’s homesickness

I’m have been studying English in Baguio for a month. In addition I’m contented to stay in this academy. But I think that my wife isn’t contented here. Perhaps, she feels homesick. I know she has been spending very hard time because she has to eat Korean food and to talk Korean student everyday. It is hard tame for her. Recently, she is tired of her environment, so I decide to help her remove homesickness. Thus, I took her to Japanese restaurant and a Japanese fast food store.

Anyway, I’m always grateful that she follows me.

Seol nal (seol day)

Last weekend, we had New Year’s Day in the lunar calendar.

The people who live in Korea or china celebrate this day every year.

This day is our nation’s largest New Year’s Day holiday.

We called this day a “Seol nal” It is one of the biggest holidays of the year in Korea.”

Originally Seol day means the first day of New year, but most of Korean regard the first day in lunar calendar as the real first day, not the first day in solar calendar.

Thus, Korean people have many things to do this day.

1. Firstly, in that day, a great many people leave for their native place. When they go to their native place, they do a formal bow of respect to their elders on Old Year’s Day, and the Old Year’s gift of money given to their children.

2. secondly, they also visit their ancestral graves. In addition, they tidy up the tombs when visiting ancestors’ graves.

3. Thirdly, we cook a lot of food like Ddukkuk, SikHye, Jabchae, some fruit. The reason we eat Ddukkuk means that we can live for a long time like white and very long..

4. Fourthly, In the Sul day, we have a memorial ceremony in the main floored room or a big room early morning. Next , we bow to our relatives and old people after we finish our breakfast. In addition, In the Sul day, we share words of blessing to our relatives and friends.

5. Fifth, in the day, we play a traditional holiday game, called ‘ Yuttnoli, , Guenetaigi. We enjoy these games with our family.

Anyway, soel day is a very happy and a meaningful day in Korea.